Protifruits pouch

- 3 000g
1.92 €

Proti-fruits is a ready-made sterilised high-protein, high-calorie fruit purées recommended in the following situations: swallowing difficulties, increased protein requirements in elderly and/or malnourished patients due to illness (cancer, HIV etc.), muscle wasting or lactose intolerance. A sweet alternative to dairy products

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Perfect for Alzheimer's disease sufferers with cognitive and motor difficulties that render the use of cutlery impossible. The pouch, like finger food, helps prevent malnutrition and encourages autonomy. Lactose and gluten free, no colourings
Denrée Alimentaire à des Fins Médicales Spéciales (DADFMS)
Special notice
Consult a doctor before using.
Must not constitute the sole source of nourishment.
Not suitable for children under 3.
Not suitable for galactosemia sufferers.
Apple - apple purée (48%), water, sugar, milk protein, rapeseed oil, natural apple flavouring, acidifier - malic acid - thickener - modified starch - preservatives - potassium sorbate.
Apple-prune - Water, apple purée (31%), prune purée (16%), sugar, milk proteins, rapeseed oil, thickener - modified corn starch, acidifier - malic acid, preservatives - potassium sorbate.

A titre indicatif, données non contractuelles
Box of 30 x 100g pouches of one flavour
1 pouch = 100g
Keeps for up to 9 months at 4–25°C. Once opened, refrigerate and consume with 24 hours.
Nutritional value for 100g
Énergie (kcal) 122
Énergie (kJ)510
Matières grasses (g)4,4
Dont acides gras saturés (g)0,3
Glucides (g)13,6
Dont sucres (g)13,1
Fibres alimentaires (g)0,9
Protéines (g)7
Sel (g)0,005
Vitamine E (mg)1,2
A titre indicatif, données non contractuelles

2–4 pouches per day.